Khanna class




Our mission, vision, and values

Our vision is to inspire teaching excellence, innovation, and inquiry.

Our values are what ground us; they are the foundation on which our work is built. At KHANNA TUTORIALS we value being: 

  1. Supportive. We show care and respect to our colleagues and ourselves while also asking questions to help encourage growth and change

  2. Creative. We develop ideas for the future, adapt evidence-based practices to fit evolving contexts, and foster the courage needed for risk-taking.

  3. Invested. We take pride in our work, bringing our best every time, and show a clear commitment to our mandate, vision, and mission.

Since its founding in 2000, KHANNA TUTORIALS has been dedicated to expanding and sharing knowledge, inspiring innovation, and preserving cultural and scientific information for future generations.

A place for learning, discovery, innovation, expression and discourse

What’s it like to be a KHANNA TUTORIALS undergraduate or graduate student?

Students chart their own paths of discovery, learning and growth, and each journey is as unique as the individual. 


Principal’s Welcome       


It is a great pleasure to welcome you to KHANNA TUTORIALS.

I feel privileged to lead such an exciting and vibrant classes, which offers great opportunities .It is our goal to make each and every student to succeed. We offer our students the best possible opportunities to become confident, thoughtful young people who are prepared for any future challenges, in an exciting and increasingly global world.

 We are very proud of our caring, inclusive ethos where we set high standards and expectations for our students to achieve and behave their very best.

We keep our classes and tutorial groups relatively small to create an atmosphere where you can feel relaxed and comfortable, which allows learners to really get to know their teachers.

We aim for all students to be happy and to be challenged in a supportive and safe environment by:

  • Developing well rounded internationally and locally minded individuals who demonstrate resilience and determination to succeed.

  • Equipping students with the skills and academic success required to access new opportunities and enhance their life chances

  • Consistently insisting on high expectations.

  • Through the curriculum, our academic standards at khanna tutorials continue to improve term on term and year on year. KHANNA TUTORIALS is carefully designed to be both accessible and challenging for all students, irrespective of their ability.

Visitors are always welcome to make an appointment to visit KHANNA TUTORIALS nd see what we have to offer our students of our local community, talk to our staff and students and see us in action.

I look forward to welcoming you to ensure the best standard of education and personal development for your child.

Prof. VIJAYA mam.

(professor of KHANNA TUTORIALS).



KHANNA TUTORIALS mission is to develop independent, successful, hard-working students. Students that have been trained with the proper academic success habits, executive functioning skills, and content knowledge to be able to go off to college one day and thrive on their own.    

Our initial goal is to increase a student’s GPA by instilling in them a stronger work ethic, increased focus, and ingrained academic success habits such as: self-accountability, goal setting & tracking, strategic study skills, time management skills, organizational skills, and content knowledge.  This is accomplished through a unique and individualized combination of academic coaching, executive functioning skills development, and academic tutoring.

No one student is exactly alike and to help students’ reach their full academic potential, the approach must be specifically designed for them as an individual.  The process should not be cookie cutter.  By consistently implementing a student specific process over an extend period of time, strong habits take root. The ultimate objective we have for our students is long term independent success.


Vision & Values

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Courage

Faculty & Staff

Our TEAM ,Our LEADERS ,Our Heros.

Prof : Vijaya Laxmi Mittu

(Arts /socio/I.G.C.S.E./S.S.C/

C.B.S.E./commerce specialist & mentor).


Prof. Avinash Khanna

(I.E.L.T.S & English literature) mentor